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Maiden Voyage

Last Saturday was HOT… hot for Maine in June anyway–so our family took advantage of it as any ‘this-winter-was-so-long-that-we’re-way-behind-in-yardwork’ kind of household would.  We worked outside for as long as we could, raking out the new mulch, rebuilding the chicken run, getting vegetables in the garden, opening up the little pop-up camper…. until we just couldn’t stand another second toiling and sweating and finding things for the girls to do.

“Time to hit the lake,” my husband announced.

Years ago (probably the first year I was buying at Epic) we had bought a We-no-nah Kingfisher canoe.  She’s beautiful and shiny green and, once upon a time, she would hold my husband, myself, and our mutt Marley–but we’ve grown a lot since then.  For the past couple years my husband and oldest daughter had taken it out fishing, sans mom, by paddle.  This year, however, was going to be different. 

“You can’t come, there’s no room,” my oldest tells me.

She’s probably right.  Now that my husband had mounted a trolling motor and we had a second little person that was old enough to join the adventure, where the heck was I suppose to sit?  The answer was on the bank…. with a book.  After nursing my bruised ego I decided that maybe it wasn’t such a bad trade off.  It’s been a while since I’ve had the luxury of reading a book that isn’t either made up of cardboard or has a princess or Star Wars theme, so I was suddenly game.

“We need to name the boat now that it has a motor,”  my husband threw this out there while we were all in the truck on our way to the landing.  Without hesitation my oldest said, “Bessy.  The Bessy Cruiser,” she was sure of herself.  How could we even question it?

We hit Gould’s Landing on Pushaw, ate a little picnic dinner, and they were off–simple as that.



I can’t lie–I was a little nervous.  How would my 2-year-old do?  Will she be nervous and have no fun at all?  How is this fishing business going to work with two little ones casting?  If one falls in can my husband snatch her out without loosing the second one overboard?  I admit, it was getting ridiculous.  Needless to say, I only got a little reading in before I was rounding the inlet to see if I could spy them from shore.  It’s what Moms do!

On my jaunt I did find this guy (or gal).  He was completely unbothered by the paparazzi … he even smiled… I think.


“Mama!  I caught one!”  I could hear my youngest before I could even see her.

It was a little more than an hour when the gang came around the island headed for the landing.  It had been a relatively fishless maiden voyage (except for our littlest, who was tickled to have caught a sunfish) but no one fell in and from what I could tell there were no tears shed–a minor triumph for us these days!  The Bessy Cruiser passed the test on this night for trolling with three. I foresee many summer days fishing with Daddy and exploring inlets. Maybe I’ll even get a full chapter in next time… maybe. – Jenn Sonnenberg


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