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Eastern Sierra Blues

The following is something I wrote about a little trip up Mt Whitney a few years ago – Bryce   Golden light radiates over the mammoth peaks of the Eastern Sierra from the west. It floods the evening sky as the tired sun drops behind the crest. Fingerlike rays tickle the blue emptiness above. From […]

The Knife Edge

For most of the time that I’ve lived in New England, hiking Katahdin has been something that I’ve put off. I’m not sure if that’s a story unto itself or not, but while I was in NH, it was partly the 7 hour drive that kept me away. Now that I’m sitting in Bangor, it’s […]

Maiden Voyage

Last Saturday was HOT… hot for Maine in June anyway–so our family took advantage of it as any ‘this-winter-was-so-long-that-we’re-way-behind-in-yardwork’ kind of household would.  We worked outside for as long as we could, raking out the new mulch, rebuilding the chicken run, getting vegetables in the garden, opening up the little pop-up camper…. until we just […]

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